Programs in Osaka

Meditation Program in Osaka. It was a wonderful few hours with nice people, nice work.

Japanese tour

It was wonderful country side village. Nice surround and nature and fresh air. Most funny thing was that stinky insect was coming to the hotel room while I was sleeping. I removed few of them. But finally in the morning we found that number of insects were in the room during night. But fortunately they […]

Do you still get angry ?

One day, a very angry man shouted at Buddha. Look at his answer…. .  

Life of monk (Dasadhamma suttha)

Gauthama Buddha, while residing at the monastery by Anathapindika, in Jethawana near Savatti, preached to his disciples as follows: Dear monks, There are ten vital points which a priest should constantly keep in mind and reflect upon. They are as follows: 1. I have become castless. I do not belong to any particular cast by […]

Three weeks in Quebec, Canada

Thero has arrived on May 31st, 2016 in Montreal and has since runned many programs and private consultations, giving lectures, teachings, discussions and chantings, making people very happy. He will leave Canada on July 10th to go to Europe to continue his journey to get donations to build the Dhamma School building at his temple […]

Heavy floods in Sri Lanka : we need your help !

Since last week we had heavy rains in Sri Lanka. More than 450’000 people are in rescue camps because of flood and earthslips.More than 70 people has already died now.Still around 200 people are missing. It seems they also has gone with flood or earthslip. As a monk, we can’t escape this kind of situations. […]

Paddle and meditation on Madu River

It is on the beautiful Madu River at Balapitiya that we have been paddling and meditating on water. To make paddle and live at a charming hotel in Balapitiya with ayurvedic treatments and yoga if you want : Ayurveda Mountain Villa. .

Story of “A Man and His Four Wives” According to Karma

In one of the Agama Sutras, the Buddha’s early sermons, there is a very interesting story: Once there was a man who had four wives. According to the social system and circumstances of ancient India, it was possible for a man to have several wives. Also, during the Heian period in Japan, about a thousand […]

Ajahn Chah and Money

There was once a monk I met who told me he was a real meditator. He asked for permission to stay with me here and inquired about the schedule and standard of monastic discipline. I explained to him that in this monastery we live according to the Vinaya, the Buddha’s code of monastic discipline, and […]

The Peace Beyond (Part 2)

When the Buddha was newly enlightened he gave a sermon about indulgence in pleasure and indulgence in pain. ‘Monks! Indulgence in pleasure is the loose way, indulgence in pain is the tense way.’ These were the two things that disturbed his practice until the day he was enlightened, because at first he didn’t let go […]